Undead Zone



Alexander "Freak" Young


An avid online video game player, Alexander Young resides in Victoria, Australia, where he is currently completing Year 12. With favorites such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2, his long time love of video games has driven him to focus his sights on a full time career in designing video games and designing worlds never before seen. Creating unique levels within the games and setting challenges for the players is always one of his favorite aspects in game development.

He completed his year 12 IT studies whilst still in Year 11 and jumped onboard to design the video game interface for Mary Doe when the opportunity made itself available. He believes the project will prove to be a valuable opportunity in developing his skills and creating a fun gaming experience for the fans. He loves movies, especially Zombieland, science fiction, horror, figurine modeling and painting. The first video game he ever played was Wolfenstein 3D.

Four Mercenaries sent on a mission to investigate an abandoned military bunker are shot down by the bunker’s defenses. They crash on a desolate island. They soon find out that surviving the crash was the least of their concerns, as they emerge from the wreckage in the middle of a Bio Military Outpost under siege by the LIVING DEAD.

The toxin has laid waste to the town of San Eden. In this maelstrom of death and decay and with the fate of the human race weighing on their shoulders, our Four Mercenaries must fight for their survival.

However they find they are not alone. Another Mercenary named Jake on the same mission is stuck on the island after having failed the mission and losing his team. He offers help in hope that the four mercenaries can save his life.

Grab your weapons, lock and load – the future ends here, or you can try and escape from the